Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I won $20 from Steve Ballmer

I've been at the MVP summit in Seattle this week. Today was the Executive day - we had talks from Lori Moore, Eric Rudder, Rich Kaplan, and Steve Ballmer. After each talk, questions were taken from the floor. After Steve's ROUSING talk, I got to ask a question. I was enquiring about the progress of patch management.

At TechEd last year, Scott Charney said "By the end of the year, instead of eight installer technologies we will have two, one for operating systems and one for applications." I was asking Steve for his views on this.

At last year's summit Robert Scoble won $1 from Steve, and had it signed, for asking a good question. So somewhat cheekily, I asked if the question was worth a buck? He said sure, reached into his pocket, fished around, and then said: "This might be your lucky day" - handing me over a $20. Thinking quickly, I got him to sign it too. When I get back to England I'll post the photo of the bill. I'm not sure how to get him his $19 in change - all suggestions welcome.

You gotta love this company.

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