Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Another Fine PowerShell PowerCamp Weekend–Sadly All Over!

The weekend of April 21/22, 18 hearty IT Pros and I spend two days looking into PowerShell. A jump start look at all the key aspects of Windows PowerShell. The event focused on the core aspects of PowerShell – Cmdlets, the Pipeline, Objects, and Remoting. We we also reviewed the the PowerShell language as well as the cmdlets that have been added into Windows Server 2008 R2/Win8.

The attendees came from all walks of (IT Pro!) life, but all shared an interest in really learning more about PowerShell. The event only lasts 2 days and there is an obvious limit of how much anyone can absorb without brain overload creeping in. A key focus of all the modules was discovery – how the attendees can figure out stuff for themselves, and leveraging the community. 

It was a great weekend and I still have some admin to do around it. I am currently looking into a further PowerCamp in the autumn – during October if possible.

And a big thanks to Idera, MVP Systems and Quest – all of whom kindly provided some goodies I could provide to the delegates. Much appreciated.

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