Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bing is making a spash!

In more ways than one! By Bing, I mean Microsoft’s new search engine ( or I’ve been playing with it a little (and love the nice scenery pictures on the landing page). The results seem OK so far, but it seems a lot better than the old Live Search engine. And there are a lot of references to Wikipedia.

One interesting thing though, I’m starting to see referrals in my blog hits. Looking at the most recent 20 hits, 5 are from! And if I’m seeing hits like this, then that means other folks are using Bing.

One other related bing thing, I notice that there’s already a PowerShell project on CodePlex ( This project has created a number of Bing-related PowerShell script library. So you can do things like Get-BingSpell (to query alternative spellings for a word) or Get-BingTranslation. LIke so:

PSH [C:\foo]: Get-BingTranslation "Beer is good, free beer is better" en de

Query                               SourceType     TranslatedTerm
-----                               ----------     --------------
Beer is good, free beer is better   Translation    Bier ist gut, freie Bier ist besser

I could get to like Bing.

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