Thursday, September 05, 2013

Learning More About PowerShell at PowerCamp–Oct19/20

I’ve written before about the upcoming PowerShell PowerCamp event, being held Oct 19tyh and 20th 2013 at Microsoft’s Cardinal Place Offices in London. To summarise, PowerCamp is 2 action-packed days of PowerShell – taking you from 0 to as fast YOU can go in two days. It’s a great way to get over that basic learning curve.

Each time I run one of these events, some of the wider PowerShell community kick in and I get some extra goodies for the attendees. So far, I have two offers for you:

First my good friends at Pluralsight are offering each attendee a free 30-day trial of Pluralsight's full online training portfolio. For you IT Pros, this is more relevant than ever since Pluralsight has now bought Train Signal, leaders in the IT Pro online training space. There is an awesome amount of content, PowerShell and non-PowerShell in the combined catalog.

Secondly, those very nice people over at MVP Systems have donated some cash which will pay for at least some of the coffee at the event. I’ll be handing out Costa gift cards thanks to MVP Systems, which will get you a couple of Lattes – which you may need in order to stay focused!

I am still looking at having a special guest to add some value – I’ll be able to announce that soon.

So if you think it’s time to FINALLY learn PowerShell – sign up to day. The cost and sign up details are here:

I look forward to seeing you there.