Saturday, April 28, 2007

Counting in GB/MB/KB In PowerShell

One of the cooler features within PowerShell is the ability to calculate using 'real'  kb, mb, gb. By 'real', remember that 1 kilobyte (kb) should be 1024 and thus 10kb is 10,240 (and not as disk manufacturers like to use, 10,000). The same holds true for megabytes (1mb = 1,048,567 vs 1,000,000),   and gigabytes (1gb = 1,073,741,824 vs 1,000,000,000). 

The reason all this matters is that when viewing object sizes you can get figures in either raw bytes, or in kb/mb/gb. PowerShell helps by defining a special set of constants to represent kb, mb, and gb.

You can demonstrate this in PowerShell as follows:

PSH [D:\foo]: 1kb
PSH [D:\foo]: 1mb
PSH [D:\foo]: 1gb

This is pretty useful when calculating  file sizes, for example:

PSH [E:\vpc vms\LonghornB3]: (ls"##,###.#")
PSH [E:\vpc vms\LonghornB3]: ((ls"##,###.#")
PSH [E:\vpc vms\LonghornB3]: ((ls *.zip).length/1gb).tostring("##,###.#")

One unfortunate omission, however, in PowerShell V1.0 is that the dev team did not do a land grab for more constants (i.e. tb=terabyte, pb=petabyte and eb=exebyte). Today, Hitachi is shipping a 1tb disk - thus within the life of Vista/Longhorn, TB will become a not uncommon size (of course SANs today measure in the the TBs already). The Petabyte/Exebyte ranges may be a bit of a ways off being commonplace, but why not just reserve them now? I hope this is something that gets added to V2.0.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

UK Desktop Deployment Resources

The MS UK Desktop Deployment team have created a neat site full of deployment resources. These resources include:

  • Streaming videos covering the DDPS content
  • Presentations from the recent Community Deployment Summit held in Reading (including talks by Garry Corcoran, Paul Butterworth, Steve Green, etc).
  • Links to the BDD spruce code
  • etc

If you are into Desktop deployment,  check out the UK Desktop Deployment site.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

टेस्ट ऑफ़ ब्लॉगर इन Hindi

नॉट सुर वहत यू विल सी इन थिस पोस्ट - इत'एस मेंत तो बे अ मेसेज कोन्वेर्तेद इन्तो हिंदी। थिस इस अ न्यू फेतुरे अस पार्ट ऑफ़ ब्लॉगर। ई दो नॉट स्पाक/ओर राइट हिंदी - सो इफ यू दो, प्लेस कमेंट अस थे क्वालिटी ऑफ़ वहत यू रीड/सी।!

Still More on Longhorn B3 Download

Further to earlier posts, Longhorn B3 does appear to be on MSDN. After a reboot of Vista, I was able to finally get to the MSDN download site, to find Longhorn is available (and can be downloaded using the FTM download manager).

Interestingly - the download speeds from MSDN are around 600KBPS vs just under 200 from the TechNet site. And as mentioned earlier, downloading via Technet is a raw download - and mine aborted half way through!

Lonhorn downloaded in under an hour - now that rocks.

More on Longhorn B3 Download

I blogged earlier today about Longhorn B3. It would appear the download centre is pretty busy. Oddly enough, it would appear like there is a lot of interest. 

If you go to the link noted in my earlier article, you can select your download and 'order" it (although the cost is £0.00).  Eventually, you will get an Order Receipt, with a license key and a link to the software. You may get page time outs and a "The download you requested is unavailable" message.

Oh - and the "Technet" download does NOT use the FTM manager, which means if your wireless drops out at half way through, you appear not to be able to restart it. :-(

Also - this download does not appear on MSDN. Having said that, MSDN  is broken from here again - I am getting an endless loop - each time I CLICK the "see all available downloads", I get re-directed back to How unhelpful.

When will MS stop re-inventing wheels in terms of downloads (which seemingly break each time a new product with a new method is launched)??

Microsoft Longhorn Beta 3

 Microsoft has shipped the public Longhorn Beta 3. Go to this page to select your download. Or see this link to Microsoft Windows Longhorn Home page. 

The beta is available in English, German and Japanese. And, at present, it appears as though only  the US download centre is currently active.

Get downloading!!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Microsoft adds PowerShell to newest Longhorn Server preview

Microsoft adds PowerShell to newest Longhorn Server preview!  This has to be about the best move MS has made with Powershell in quite some time. In the latest Community Technology Preview builds, PowerShell can be added as a feature.

Now all MS have to do is to work out hot to get PowerShell onto Server Core and life will really be good!


Monday, April 23, 2007

Know VBScript? Convert to PowerShell!

Loads of IT Pros know how to use VBScript to perform common bits of task automation. Converting to PowerShell means learning a different approach which can take time.

To assist, Microsoft has creates this page which  has details converting VBScript Commands to Windows PowerShell Commands.


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The Problem With Asking Your Customers What They Want...

... is that they may tell you things you do not want to hear.

Dell's IdeaStorm project has been asking Dell customers what they want. As this story illustrates, one thing they seem to want is Windows XP as opposed to Windows Vista.

The piece quotes IDC analyst Richard Shim as saying "That there is remaining demand from some segment of the consumer market points to the inability of Vista to resonate with consumers".

All My Faves | Why Search?

This is kind of a cool page - a sort of mini-portal to all the places you're likely to want to surf to.  Includes web mail sites, maps, search engines, weather, banks, magazines, etc, etc.


MSDN Wiki still not working properly

As I reported yesterday, the MSDN Wiki is having some problems accepting updates. This morning, I created a couple of new PowerShell based samples for posting. Around 1 in 5 updates actually made it - the rest resulted in a HTTP 500 server error, and the dreaded error page.

I tired to post over on the MSDN Wiki Blog, but sadly, that blog has comments turned off so it's not possible to alert the team via the blog. :-(

What a great advert for hosted services (not).


Sunday, April 22, 2007

MSDN Wiki Having Problems

I've been adding PowerShell related content to the MSDN Wiki (

Over the weekend, I've been getting 500 errors when posting  content - resulting in error pages and loss of added content. Not to mention a lot of extra work re-typing the lost content!!

Please - can someone shove a shilling into the meter?



Stumbleupon is a neat site (with a cool Firefox add-on) that enables you to channel surf the web, and find some cool web sites, photos, videos, etc. I use Sumbleupon to find cool new link.

See where you can join for free (there are just over 2.1 million registered users at the time of writing). You can also download a neat tool bar for Firefox.

One page I've just found, using StumpleUpon is A cool shortcut to all manner of useful sites.