Thursday, April 26, 2007

More on Longhorn B3 Download

I blogged earlier today about Longhorn B3. It would appear the download centre is pretty busy. Oddly enough, it would appear like there is a lot of interest. 

If you go to the link noted in my earlier article, you can select your download and 'order" it (although the cost is £0.00).  Eventually, you will get an Order Receipt, with a license key and a link to the software. You may get page time outs and a "The download you requested is unavailable" message.

Oh - and the "Technet" download does NOT use the FTM manager, which means if your wireless drops out at half way through, you appear not to be able to restart it. :-(

Also - this download does not appear on MSDN. Having said that, MSDN  is broken from here again - I am getting an endless loop - each time I CLICK the "see all available downloads", I get re-directed back to How unhelpful.

When will MS stop re-inventing wheels in terms of downloads (which seemingly break each time a new product with a new method is launched)??

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