Friday, May 30, 2008

Live Writer on X64 - A Solution

I posted earlier about not being able to install Live Writer to my X64 Server 2008 system. Well, a bit of digging and I discovered a simple solution to running Live Writer on X64/Server - just copy the working directory from another system and run it directly from your hard drive. The only downside is a completely 'empty' install - you need to re-add plug-ins, setup options, re-configure ping servers, etc.

But it works!


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.SHN for Windows Media Player

Some time ago, I wrote about plugin codec for WMP that supported the Shorten format. I have a lot of concerts in .SHN format (over 1000)! Unfortunately the link in that article is now gone. :-(

However, I did find an alternative location for this plugin: here. It seems to work just fine!

Windows Live Writer - No Server or X64 Support?

I just love Microsoft's Live Writer freebie blog posting tool. I post to this and my GK blog using pretty much only Live Writer. I have it on all machines!

My home testing network had been upgraded to run Windows Server 2008 (X64), with several additional servers. Several of my test workstations now run Server X64, using the "Server as a workstation" mods Ohad (a MS Program Manager) has published. 

These rock! My main workstation is a dual-proc quad core Xeon 3ghz powered system with 8gb of ram running a modded x64 Server installation. I really love the functionality, particularly running DFS.

However, today I hit a roadblock - Live Writer won't install. I get and error about it not being supported on Server or XP X64. Grrr... What's more annoying - the installation is an .exe, and ot an .MSI that I could use ORCA to hack out the check on OS version.

Full support would be nice (on an unsupported basis if necessary). But failing that, please Live Writer Team, can you give us a hack?

How about a switch -IreallyKnowWhatIAmDoing to the install? PLEASE? Pretty Please?? Pretty please with whipped cream, gum drops on top and a cherry???


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Monday, May 19, 2008

OCS Voice Ignite - Phase 2

I'm in Copenhagen this week, running the first of the Phase 2 Voice Ignite sessions. The initial phase of VI involved re-deliveries in 6 cites (Orlando, Barcelona, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Paris and Scottsdale). These were big events at big venues mainly taught by MCS consultants and a few GK folks. Phase 2 is smaller regional re-deliveries. We've here in Copenhagen for the first of these (Reading UK, Paris and Austin Texas are the other three of these that are booked thus far).

The biggest issue with these regional re-deliveries is setup. With phase 1, we had support from Microsoft's TSG team (and 1st class they are too). For the the phase 2 deliveries, we're on our own. Like every first run of deep rich training, we've had issues (power, the wrong cables, etc) - nothing we can't and didn't solve. Just more stress!

But - with these challenges behind us, we're now steaming ahead with the training and folks seem to be pretty happy.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

PowerShell on Server Core

One of my true delights, as a PowerShell MVP, has been to see the incredible PowerShell community grow and attract some really super smart people. Dmitry's another of those incredible people who's brought so much to the community (e.g. the PowerShell AD cmdlets - Dmitry's from Quest!).

And now he's gone and done it again. His blog post:PowerShell on Server Core does what you expect from a title of that name - it tells you how to get Server Core run PowerShell.

This is cool. Seriously cool, albeit very unsupported. Would I deploy this to a production network? Er, no.  Do I have it running in my lab at home? Well - not yet. But only because I've not been home enough recently to actually try this. :-)

Despite the non-supported nature, well done and thanks. VERY Cool!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Microsoft Operations Framework 4.0

At long last! Microsoft has now shipped Microsoft Operations Framework 4.0. This is a great update to MOF that I look forward to working with this new version.

As for training, I'm not sure whether there is any training but watch this space.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Windows PowerShell V2 CTP2 - ready for download

It's been a while, but the latest CTP for PowerShell V2 is  available for free download!!!

This is the latest 'beta' for PowerShell's Version 2.

It rocks!


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