Monday, May 19, 2008

OCS Voice Ignite - Phase 2

I'm in Copenhagen this week, running the first of the Phase 2 Voice Ignite sessions. The initial phase of VI involved re-deliveries in 6 cites (Orlando, Barcelona, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Paris and Scottsdale). These were big events at big venues mainly taught by MCS consultants and a few GK folks. Phase 2 is smaller regional re-deliveries. We've here in Copenhagen for the first of these (Reading UK, Paris and Austin Texas are the other three of these that are booked thus far).

The biggest issue with these regional re-deliveries is setup. With phase 1, we had support from Microsoft's TSG team (and 1st class they are too). For the the phase 2 deliveries, we're on our own. Like every first run of deep rich training, we've had issues (power, the wrong cables, etc) - nothing we can't and didn't solve. Just more stress!

But - with these challenges behind us, we're now steaming ahead with the training and folks seem to be pretty happy.

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