Friday, May 30, 2008

Windows Live Writer - No Server or X64 Support?

I just love Microsoft's Live Writer freebie blog posting tool. I post to this and my GK blog using pretty much only Live Writer. I have it on all machines!

My home testing network had been upgraded to run Windows Server 2008 (X64), with several additional servers. Several of my test workstations now run Server X64, using the "Server as a workstation" mods Ohad (a MS Program Manager) has published. 

These rock! My main workstation is a dual-proc quad core Xeon 3ghz powered system with 8gb of ram running a modded x64 Server installation. I really love the functionality, particularly running DFS.

However, today I hit a roadblock - Live Writer won't install. I get and error about it not being supported on Server or XP X64. Grrr... What's more annoying - the installation is an .exe, and ot an .MSI that I could use ORCA to hack out the check on OS version.

Full support would be nice (on an unsupported basis if necessary). But failing that, please Live Writer Team, can you give us a hack?

How about a switch -IreallyKnowWhatIAmDoing to the install? PLEASE? Pretty Please?? Pretty please with whipped cream, gum drops on top and a cherry???


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Krishnan said...

check the following link

Last link

Tony said...

You can install Windows Live Writer beta on windows server 2008 x64 now
see How To Install Windows Live Writer on Windows Server 2008

Duncan McAlynn said...

For those interested, please be advised that the beta download has since expired and you'll be no better off than the publicly-available download. Tsk, tsk... alas, when can we blog from our WS08 platforms???