Thursday, May 20, 2004

Group Policy Management Console Service Pack 1

Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) is a must-have addon for Windows Server 2003. As it's name suggests, you use it to manage Group Poicy. SP1 for GPMC is something I must have missed - sadly! I've got a copy of GPMC I carry around, but it is the RTM version. You can get the updated version from the

GPMC SP1 fixes bugs found in GPMC sample scripts, GPO reporting, and in the Migration Table Editor (MTE). Interestingly, Microsoft have also addressed bugs found from Dr. Watson crash data. There's also a fix to the GPMC RSoP wizard to work when Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) is enabled on the computer running GPMC.

GPMC rocks! Oh - and here's something a lot of people seem not to know: you can use GPMC to manage a Windows 2000 AD. You can't run GPMC on a Win2k box, instead, run it on a WIndows XP box attached to the domain.

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