Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Novell Linux Resource Kit - Free

Last week, I participated in some Open Source talks at Microsoft TechEd in Amsterdam. In these talks, we discussed the merits, or otherwise of Linux and open source. One thing I came away with was the perception - often far removed from reality. One cure for this is to actually try out Linux, and actually do the numbers. I'm pretty sure that the world will not suddenly move away from Microsoft and Windows, but nevertheless, I think it's a great thing that companies look at their IT infrastructure, at their cost base and at their user community and try to do the best. That means taking a long hard look at your processes and tools and at least looking at alternatives that might improve your productivity or impact TCO.

As if they were reading my mind, Novell are offering a nice set FREE DVDs containing SUSE Linux plus goodies. Head over to Novell's Customer Communities - Linux Resource Kit Order Form page and order. The cool thing - it's free, even outside the USA. It's not going to make me a convert, but more skills are clearly a good thing.

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Aaron said...

Brilliant, thanks Thomas, I have ordered one!