Wednesday, August 04, 2004

More Common Sense Pricing for OneNote

I love OneNote. It's a great tool and I run it more or less constantly on my laptop! Office 2003 SP1 adds some neat new facilites, and I really like the new power toys. Bring on more toys! OneNote is cool - but at $200 is was over priced. But now, according to Product Manager Christ Pratley, Microsoft has re-priced the product. At $100, and at today's $/£ rate of 1.82, this works out at £54.00 (presumably +VAT). At that price, it's towards the high end of what, for me, is the right price - after all today it is essentially just a note taking tool. Having used SP1, and given the shape of the power toys ( and the potential for an object model and scripting to enable me to get stuff both in and out of OneNote) it may not be too expensive.

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