Sunday, September 05, 2004

The Usefulness of MSF

Lorenzo Barbieri, recently picked up on a newsgroup post I'd made regarding the value of MSF. In the newsgroup post, I noted how I'd used MSF to design the extension to our house where the office now is. Although not following MSF rigorously, we did follow much of the spirit. We did some envisioning (the vision was "a great place to live and work"), and some scoping (i.e. what could we afford). We did multiple layers of design - conceptual (the architect's drawings), etc. As I noted in the blog entry, we spent more than we'd originally planned - but each cost addition was tested against the original vision - and where the addition made a difference we went ahead. We were also able to make great use of the trade-off triangle - when we discovered things that we did not know earlier. It was an interesting exercise, and certainly provided me with a great case study to use during my MSF trainer exam!

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