Tuesday, October 05, 2004


I'm sitting in the MS Technical Briefing today, listening to Fred Baumhardt doing an ISA talk, where he's pointing out that port 80 has become the 'universal firewall bypass protocol'. He then showed the audience the HTTP-Tunnel home page. This page has an interesting application which enables you to bypass yoru firewall. The page says: "Your Internet application sends data to the HTTP-Tunnel Client, which in turn tunnels the data over HTTP (port 80) to the HTTP-Tunnel servers. The servers then send the data to the intended destination and forward the responses back to the HTTP-Tunnel client. This forwarding technique effectively bypasses firewalls, permitting the users to successfully use most Internet applications."

In other words, this application blows a complete hole in your firewall. Scary! But very, very useful.


Andy said...

This is used quite a lot now - I guess thats how the web based msn works, and then there are the various remote control utilities such as gotomypc.com that use this trick to boast that it "works even behind firewalls"

Anonymous said...

I used http-tunnel for a while at work but hopster.com is much better, more intelligent about getting through proxies, and autoconfigures popular programs to use it (popular IM clients, IRC, kazaa).

Very nice, very useful, as you said.

Adam Field said...

Fred did the same presentation for the launch of our Exchange Server user group and he certainly knows his stuff

ArbiterOne said...

I find that HTTPort SNFM2 works a lot better, and there's the small fact that you don't have to pay for it. The only problem is that when you have a public proxy your connection is very, v e r y, slow.