Monday, April 04, 2005

Interesting Blog Comments

I'm just back from a few days away and I got a rather rude shock in my mail - a copy of a somewhat snide comment posted to this blog. I noted last Thursday that the WSUS Wiki had moved to a new site and had some new content. Someone posted a complaint about critical comments being removed, and wondereing if the WSUS Wiki would be be handled the same way.

I've got no real idea what this comment is on about, although I think it's referring to a comment in an earlier posting regarding the WSUS RC. I subsequently made some updates to the blog entry as I was about to head off (and have tonight clarified things a bit more). But as the complaint is not clear, I can't tell. For the record, I made an error in a blog entry - and that was put right last week.

As to be expected, there has been a tremendous amount of updating of the WSUS Wiki, based on the RC. I'm sure comments have been modified in the light of both the RC and (for my part at least) a better understanding of what the WSUS team is doing with their product. I sincerely hope that the wiki will be accurate and correctly focused and that when errors are made they are corrected quicly and appropriately.

I don't mind getting critical comments here. When I get it wrong, I try to make it right and fix the issue. But it does really rather annoy me when I get comments and mails (like this one) from users who feel they can remain anonymous. Microsoft employees really should know better.

So if you have a point to make, or want to correct an error or make any sort of comment, then be honest and use your name. Better yet, email me privately at and I'll be very happy to fix any errors made here.

I never really could understand why folks turn off blog comments - till now.

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David Dehghan said...

The comments on wiki pages are not that usefull. They end up being a bunch of static and unorganized content attached to a page.
I useally move these comments inside the page so that they can be edited and summarized into the page.