Friday, July 22, 2005 Monad subsite

I've put a subsite up on devoted to Monad: Thus far, it's just some links to articles and blog posts. I'm hoping to expand it in due course. Enjoy!

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Mark-Allen said...


Question about Monad and 64-bit:

Can you write to the 64-bit area in the Registry under both a 32-bit and 64-bit context?

Currently, it is NOT possible under VBS. There is no 'absolute root-level' registry key that allows this. In 32-bit context it writes to the 'node' area. And under 64-bit context it writes to the higher true 64-bit area.

I have had several discussions with people in Redmond and the last word I heard is that they will try to add it to Longhorn (Vista, Panorama, whatever...)

I can send you some VBS code that proves this is not possible in W2K3.