Wednesday, January 11, 2006

MSH Beta 3 - Coming Really Soon

As a Monad MVP, MS has kindly sent me a pre-release of the shortly to be released Monad/MSH Beta 3. This beta, which should be posted to the web any day now, incorporates a new MSH Snap-in technology that allows you to create then add snap-ins to existing monad shells (i.e. MSH.EXE).

I've built the sample snap in - and it's really pretty easy. The snap-in approach adds a little complexity to the writing of custom add-ons but I think it's the right approach. I would expect to see a variety of 3rd party snap-ins to emerge and a vibrant open source community around this as well.

To support my playing around, I've written some comilation/build scripts - I plan to post them as well as more blog entries around Monad. As quickly as I can get the time to play and write.

So if you are using Monad now, you should ensure you have the RTM of the CLR installed (while waiting, you can also use the updated version of MSH that is tarteed at the .NET 2.0 CLR). Also, take backups of any customised profile.msn files you have.

Note also: B3 installs at slightly different locatios in both the registry and filestore than for b2, so if you have any location sensitive scripts which reference these, they need updating. The MSH B3 installer now installs Msh by default to: %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Command Shell\v1.0, Note the "\v1,0 at the end!"

Enjoy Monad Beta 3.

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