Saturday, March 11, 2006

Get Firefox?

I showed the Get Firefox page to my wife, as I thought it was kind of funny. She did not get the joke. I wonder if others of a more litigous bent will see the humour?


Juan said...

Thought it was quite funny myself looking at the URL. I'm playing around a bit with IE7 but the tabbed browsing is a huge balls-up (What can I say, I'm used to FF)

Mark-Allen said...

Hee, hee... I think they should have used 'ie8' instead.

Good one though. Let the lawyers begin!

Lou_Gascon said...

well, I think FF has ffinally been got... Have you tried Maxthon yet...?
or apparently there is also Tablane...!
Maxthon looks set to have the edge on FF - although FF has a certain simplicity...
I'm using all three - that is to say including IE7 - but then 7 has just gone funny on me and is displaying the page too large for the browser...!?
Bah! (any ideas!)
Lou at