Monday, October 02, 2006

Exchange Ignite TTT

I'm sitting on an Exchange 2007 TTT in Wokingham at Global Knowlege. This is a 2 day class, being taught by Eileen Brown and James O'Neill (both IT Evengelists from Microsoft UK). What a class!! I'm sitting next to the delightful Claudia Woods, with trainers from around Europe. The training is not around MOC, but based on the Ignite training material (and the first morning is wonderfuly presented death-by-marketing-powerpoint. The VM image is based on Beta 1, but the slides are Beta 2 (draft).

We're asking loads of questions, and Eileen has said she'll blog the answers. Some things that have come up:

  1. Why are public folders begin dropped from Exchange - see
  2. MS Exchange Team Blog - a must read at
  3. Eileen's blog is at
  4. James O'Neill's blog is at

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