Sunday, January 14, 2007

Joining Up MSF and MOF - Revisited


A little over 2 years ago, I wrote a post entitled Joining Up MSF and MOF. In that post, I noted that Microsoft had two great framework methodologies Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) which helped teams envision, design, develop, and deploy a business solution, and Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) which is all about you operate the solution you built with MSF.

These two frameworks are based on proven practices - things that have been proven to really work. MOF is based on ITIL, recognised world wide for its value in the service management arena. The two frameworks also fully incorporate risk management in a highly structured way - something useful in today's complex IT world!

The post went on to list 10 things I thought MS should do to improve the usage of MSF and MOF. I argued hard in the intervening years for more emphasis on MOF and MSF.  I also argued that groups like Microsoft Learning should use MSF and MOF as a way to improve their offerings. I even traveled to Redmond to teach MSF to MSL. 

However, it would appear that this post, and the later discussions on this topic, fell on deaf ears. As of the start of the year, Microsoft Learning has discontinued MOF training. Not because it's no good (the MOF courses were great to teach and take) and not because there's no interest in the area (ITIL classes across the country are regularly full).  And  despite asking, there seems to be no updated MSF training courses.

RIP MOF and MSF Training.


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