Monday, October 15, 2007

Vista Adoption Numbers

 One of the big questions many commentators are posing is just how much deployment is happening with Vista. Forget the MS statements around adoption - what is really happening. From where I sit, adoption is not as rosy as MS would want us to belive - and like many I'm no longer using Vista on front line systems as I've gone back to XP.  Over on the Hackers blog, Alex reports Random: Some Vista adoption numbers. These show that Vista is in use by only 10% of their web site users, and less than1% of the users of CounterSpy. These numbers feel a little bit lower than the MS VIsta Hype Machine would lead us to believe.

What is your take on adoption - what are you seeing??

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Preetam Zaray said...

I would like to go back to management team who failed to understand that hardware up gradation or replacement of entire hardware is not possible for each and every corporates and still substantiate TCO and ABCD. I can innocently comment, VISTA is produce just for new generation hardware and not for any of the existing hardware. Vista is Prematured baby.

Craig Murphy said...

Interesting, I've posted my site's stats for this month so far: