Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jerome's Place Bit Torrent Site

As many of my friends know, I collect Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead live shows. I've got just over 1060 live Dead shows, and just under 400 Jerry Garcia shows. Several thousand hours of great music (plus it has to be said, many hours of not so good music - not every show was good!).

I have access to a private bit torrent site, Jerome's Place which shares this music to a small fanatical fraternity of dead heads. The site is looking for some new users, and I've just been provided some invites. If you are a trusthworthy Dead or Jerry fan, have reasonable bandwidth and want access to this treasure trove, send me an email. 'll happily pass one your way as long as the invites last!

[Later - August 2009]

Sadly, Jerome's Place has gone to join Jerry in that great music site in the sky and is no more. I've still got the music I've downloaded from that site, so if you want a copy, contact me and we can work something out.

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liamfinnegan said...

Hey there- I am Liam Finnegan from the archive- but have never been able to get in at Jeromes - any more invites?