Saturday, January 19, 2008

Microsoft and Time Travel

Happy New Year for those of you who have survived the holiday period, and the shocking reality of being back to work.

I've been looking at some documentation on the new functions and features of  DNS in Windows Server 2008. As to be expected, there's a bunch of really good documentation up on the MS web site.

One ,j- separating the DNS client from the DNS server (complete with hyperlinks to drill down for more information). A nice touch! Following the link to the article DNS Server, there's a good overview of the features of DNS. The DNS team should be congratulated on producing good useful and usable documentation.

But then I noticed the last updates to these pages: November 13, 2008 for the DNS Infrastructure page, and November 9, 2008 for the second! WOW - 11 months from now!! That's pretty cool.

So - is there more to Windows Server 2008 than meets the eye or has Microsoft really invented time travel?? I also wonder what sort of overtime arrangements the writers get for posting content they last update 11 months in the future!

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