Monday, February 25, 2008

Beta Announcement: Project Hana (aka MOF v4)

For many years, Microsoft had a pair of technologies: MSF (Microsoft Solutions Framework) and MOF (Microsoft Operational Framework). MSF was built from Microsoft's experience building tools like Office, etc. MOF was based on ITIL, with significant additions.

Both products, sadly, seemed to die a death. Perhaps as a kiss of death, they were transferred into MSL and then went from obscurity to the grave. The MCT classes were dropped over a year ago. LIke many, I just assumed that MSL and the wider MS had given up.

I was much surprised and excited by reading in the blog details about Project Hana (MOF v4), including an invite code to get ahold of the beta.

I am really pleased to see that MOF has not died a death. I am really excited that someone at MS gets it enough to not let these two technologies die. If you are an IT Pro (or a developer for that matter), you should take a look!

This is good news!!!

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