Sunday, June 22, 2008

Portable PowerShell – The Community Adds Value (again)

One thing, amongst many, that continually amazes me is the passion and power of the PowerShell community. Each time I see a cool trick or a cool new tool, I say to myself – this could just not get any better. Then it does.

As yet another example of this, take a look at Karl Prosser’s post: Portable PowerShell - v1 and v2 side by side - even on Server Core. WOW – side by side, portable and on Server Core – Oh My! This is almost better than Sushi at Tuna House (not quite, but close!).

Now in this post Karl does not tell you do it, nor does he offer a download. But if he can do it, it’s doable and sooner or later his secrets will become public. The truth is out there!

So PLEASE Microsoft, let us distribute PowerShell as Karl suggests. Talk to the lawyers and get a re-distributable. The ability to run PowerShell V2 on Server Core is just plain awesome.

And thanks Karl for showing the limits of the community (as in there are none!!!!!!)

1 comment:

Jason said...

Karl did post the how-to. :)

And I will echo the "THANKS KARL!" sentiment.