Thursday, October 30, 2008

574 Reasons for MS to be Proud and Optimistic About W7 and WS08R2

In a really neat blog post, PowerShell Team Blog : 574 Reasons Why We Are So Proud and Optimistic About W7 and WS08R2, Jeffrey Snover continues the PowerShell 2.0 tease. In this post he looks at the wide range of cmdlets that Microsoft plan to ship with PowerShell V2.

To some degree, this is not very exciting news. But only because this just meets MY expectations. However, in saying this, you should know that my expectations were set to a very high bar years ago – this latest blog post merely confirms what I’ve always believed. Namely, that with a good team, PowerShell could become a truly great product.

For IT professionals, Windows admins, and general power users, this post is another in a long line of hints that you really should get to know PowerShell much better. If you can’t pick it up and learn it on your own (like some of us old timers who had to since there was no training in those earlier days), then come on a training course. In EMEA, I run a nice selection of PowerShell classes, including the Microsoft 6434 course.

The 6434 is an excellent course, but I suppose that as I helped to write it, I would say that. It’s three days long and packed. Day 1 looks at what I call the holy trinity: cmdlets, objects and the pipeline and a whole lot more. Day 2 moves into how you use these things to write production scripts. Day three then looks at three key technologies (WMI, ADSI/.NET and COM) and how PowerShell can be used to interoperate and to manage Windows 2008 and other servers.

In closing, I just wish Jeffrey would stop teasing, and just release some code. We’ve not had a new PowerShell build for what seems like forever and I’m just anxious to get my hands on all this wonderfulness. If the PowerShell team is true to form, there just may be a nice surprise next week in Barcelona. I sure hope so!

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