Saturday, February 27, 2010

NITkon – Day Of PowerShell in Norway

For those in or around Norway next month (well Wednesday March 17th to be precise), NITKon, a Norwegian education conference for IT Pros in Norway, is holding Deep Dive PowerShell – a full day Of PowerShell content. I think this is the first conference to hold a full day just on PowerShell!

The contents of the day look pretty good too:

  • PowerShell Modules – Bruce Payette (superstar member of the development team and outstanding author)
  • Proxy Functions – Dmitry Sotnikov (fellow MVP and the brains behind PowerGui)
  • PowerShell and Wmi – ME!
  • PowerShell and .NET/COM objects – ME again
  • Advanced Features in PowerGui – Dmitry Sotnikov
  • PowerShell Advanced Techniques – Bruce Payette

I can’t wait for this event. I’m always keen to see Bruce and Dmitry – they are awesome speakers. I hope we will be able to post the slides once the event is complete.

Hope to see you there.

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