Friday, May 14, 2010

PowerShell Community Extensions (PSCX) 2.0 Released

A new version of the PowerShell Community Extensions (PSCX), version 2.0, has been released and is available from Codeplex ( This free set of PowerShell extensions provides a number of very useful enhancements, particularly new/added cmdlets.

The main purpose behind the 2.0 release was to migrate the code from being a snap-in to being a module. As it’s a module, deployment is really simple – just Xcopy the files into your module folder and use Import-Module to load the module (typically you just put the Import-Module into my $profile). You can of course, put the module somewhere else and specify the full path using the Import-Module cmdlet.

PSCX also includes some NEW cmdlets, including:

  • ConvertTo-Metric
  • Get-AlternateDataStream
  • Test-AlternateDataStream
  • Remove-AlternateDataStream
  • Unblock-File
  • Get-LoremIpsum (lorem)
  • Get-TypeName (gtn)
  • Get-Uptime
  • Get-FileTail (tail)

This package is a great set of very useful extensions. Being module based, deployment is much simplified. I commend this release to all PowerShell users!

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