Wednesday, June 02, 2010

PowerShell Admin Module – A Follow Up

in a recent blog article I wrote about a new Codeplex project called PowerShell Admin Modules, being developed by super-star MVP Richard Siddaway. I noted two small things I’d noticed about the module. Well today, Richard wrote to say he’d fixed Get-Share to accept wildcards and had changed around the parameters of New-Share to match that of the venerable Net Share.

He also mentions the latest version, 0.2, has a bunch of functions for dealing with binary and hex numbers, which include:

  • ConvertTo-Binary
  • ConvertTo-Decimal
  • ConvertTo-Hex
  • Get-BinaryAND
  • Get-BinaryDifference
  • Get-BinaryOR
  • Get-BinarySum
  • Get-BinaryXOR
  • Get-HexDifference
  • Get-HexSum
  • Test-Binary
  • Test-Hex

This is nice work – although one thought would be to merge the functions of PSAM into the PowerShell Community Extensions.

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