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Microsoft Lync 2010/Microsoft Lync Server 2010 - Resources

Here are the resources I’ve found so far. I am updating this regularly as I find more stuff!

Last Update: 13:15 18September 2010


Background Information

Here is some background information on Lync Server 2010 and Lync 2010:

Lync Software Components

Microsoft has released some product bits of the product as separate downloads:

Microsoft Blogs

Non MS Blog Posts


Planning Tools

Product Documentation

Microsoft has released several white papers on the http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/lync/default.aspx site, including:

  • Determining Your Infrastructure Requirements for Lync Server 2010 (RC).doc - Download
  • Planning for Archiving Lync Server 2010 (RC).doc - Download
  • Planning for Clients and Devices Lync Server 2010 (RC).doc - Download
  • Planning for Enterprise Voice Lync Server 2010 (RC).doc - Download
  • Planning for External User Access Lync Server 2010 (RC).doc - Download
  • Planning for IM and Conferencing Lync Server 2010 (RC).doc - Download
  • Planning for Other Features Lync Server 2010 (RC).doc - Download
  • Planning for Your Organization Lync Server 2010 (RC).doc - Download

Pricing and Licensing

Lync Server 2010 follows a Server/Client Access License (CAL) model whereby a Lync Server 2010 license is required for each operating system environment running Lync Server 2010 and a CAL is required for each user or device accessing the Lync Server.

  • Pricing for Lync Server and Client – this page sets out the details of licensing for Lync Server and client.  Pricing on the page is ‘estimated’ – in other words see your reseller as prices will vary from the 'official’ costs shown here.


At present, there’s no formal support for Lync 2010.  At present, the two places where you can find more information are Microsoft’s OCS 2007 Forums:

Webcasts – CS14 at TechEd

Microsoft presented CS14 topics at TechEd North America earlier in 2010. The presentations and slide decks are all available for download and use. These presentations talk about CS’14’ – but aside from the branding, the details are the same!

Press and Release PR Coverage

As often happens, much the industry found out about Lync Server’s public debut from non-Microsoft sources, quickly followed by the MS presentation. Here is some of the press background if you are interested.

Email me any changes or updates and I’ll try to keep this list up to date!


  • 15 Sept 2010 - Added CS4 web casts, Added Podcast section and did some minor re-org of the list itself. Also added update list
  • 17 Sept 2010 – Separated out the Press/PR stuff from basic tech info. Added Lab deployment guide reference.
  • 18 Sept 2010 – fixed missing link to Thomas/Cezar's podcast, added Worked Deployment Guide from Jeff Schertz.
  • 4 Oct 2010 – added details on licensing and links to planning documentation.


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