Monday, February 07, 2011

PowerShell Master Class Returns to Stockholm–March 8-10 2011

I’ve just had confirmation from Lab Center that I’ll be running another Introduction to PowerShell master class event in Stockholm on March 8-10.

Lab Center is one of the best training centres that I’ve had the privilege to work with – and given the great folks I hang out with these days, that’s saying something. The centre is in downtown Stockholm just 10 minutes walk from the central train statin and 2 minutes stroll from the nearest T-Banna station

The agenda for the lab is as follows:

Day 1 – The Basics

  • PowerShell Fundamentals – the key elements of PowerShell plus installation, setup, and profiles
  • Discovery – finding your way and learning how to discover more
  • Formatting – how to format output nicely
  • Remoting – working with remote systems
  • Providers – getting into OS data stores

Day 2 – Diving Deep in to Scripting

  • Scripting Concepts – automating everyday tasks including language constructs, error handling and debugging
  • Modules – managing PowerShell in the enterprise
  • .NET/WMI/COM Objects – working with objects

Day 3 – Practical PowerShell

  • PowerShell and Windows Client/Server – how you can use built in PowerShell cmdlets
  • PowerShell in Key Microsoft Servers - a look at PowerShell today in SQL, SCVMM plus a look forward to the future with SharePoint 2010
  • Taking it to the Next Level – the stuff we can’t cover in these three days.


We’ve got a nearly full class – but there’s always room for on e more. So if you fancy Stockholm in the early spring along with as much PowerShell as your head can handle – book today. I hope to see you there…

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