Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lync Resource Kit Server Administration Chapter Published by Microsoft

I just got email that Microsoft has published another Lync Resource Kit chapter or your edification. This chapter, Server Administration, was written by Indranil Dutta and Jens Trier Rasmussen. I was, with others, one of the technical reviewers. You can either download just this chapter, or download all 8 of the published chapter from here.

There are three key aspects to this chapter. First, the chapter covers Lync’s Central Management Store, including the data stored in the CMS, how replication of CMS occurs, and how to manage the CMS. The second section looks at the Lync Server Control Panel and how it works. The final section talks about Role Based Access Control and how to create custom RBAC scopes.

IN looking at it, one thing kind of missing is  Management using PowerShell – perhaps an introduction to PowerShell’s object model inside Lync. RBAC is based on PowerShell, so using RBAC and creating custom roles is covered. With over 600 cmdlets, I would have preferred some more details in the Server Administration chapter. Call me fussy!

The writing in the chapter is good, and it’s illustrated by some excellent diagrams. This chapter is 24 pages long – and well worth a read if you are architecting or implementing Lync Server.

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