Thursday, June 30, 2011

How do you know when a product hits mainstream?

I’ve long held the view that an product is ‘mainstream’ when other vendors release products and proclaim “Our product Y completely replaces product X”. Some times the vendor’s statement is accurate and sometimes it’s marketing puff. But no mater which way you view product Y, there’s some grudging recognition that product X is not bad.

The product in question today is Fast Track Scripting Host. Don Jones recently re-reviewed FastTrack Scripting Host in an artile for Windows IT Pro here. This article was a re-review of the product – he previously reviewed the product last year.

Having had a quick look at it, I agree with Don that while there are certainly some advantages to this product, it may not truly be the answer to all an IT Pros’s prayers. But take a look at it – what do YOU think?

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