Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PowerShell ISE Script Explorer–Get it Today

Microsoft has just released the latest CTP release of the Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell. This is an add-in to the ISE that enables you to search for scripts within the PowerShell ISE. With this release, you can:

  • Search online repositories including PoshCode and Technet
  • Establish and search local and corporate script repositories
  • Filter search by location and product relevance
  • Browse Community Resources, including the TechNet Wiki
  • Integrate community samples into corporate script library seamlessly

This CTP is based on an invitation – and I just happen to have one:


Click on this link and login to Connect. If you are not already resistered on Connect, you need to sign with a valid Microsoft LiveID.

So head on over, and try it out. Feel free to leave you comments – either here, or with Microsoft!

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Arthur Zubarev said...

Thank you, but the invitation has been used out. Do you have an idea how to get a new one for me?

Thomas Lee said...

@arthur - sadly the invite was first come first served. I am working on more - I'll post again when/if I get more.

Scotty said...

Do you have any screenshots? (If you are allowed to share them)