Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Windows PowerShell PowerCamp–Helsinki March 10-11

Arrangements for this event in Helsinki are moving along nicely. Those very nice people at Sovelto, who are hosting the event, have put up a new web page around the event: see (or to see this page in Finnish, go to : These web pages have the Helsinki agenda and all the details of where/how to book, etc.

As you will see, the event is over the weekend of March 10 and 11 2010 at Sovelto’s offices in Helsinki. We’ll start at 9 both days. We will be including lunch, refreshments and breakfast both days, with a nice meal out and a bit of fun for the Saturday night (details will be announced soon – it should be fun!).

So if you are anywhere in the world and want to get a first class jump start to PowerShell, consider coming! We’ll even have PCs for all the attendees as well as a nice little goodie basket to take home!

Contact me if you have any questions – or better yet, contact Sovelto and book a place!

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