Monday, April 02, 2012

2012 PowerShell Scripting Games Begins Today!

As many PowerShell fans know, today sees the beginning of Microsoft's PowerShell Scripting Games. The Scripting Games are a set of 10 PowerShell challenges in two classes (Beginner and Expert). The idea is simple: you sign up for either of the classes and each day for 10 days you get a scripting challenge involving writing a PowerShell Script. After solving the challenge and writing your script, you submit it to Poshcode.Org. Once submitted, a stellar panel of judges review it and each script gets up to 5 points. At the end of the Games, the folks with the highest scores win prizes. Easy!

Each individual event is to be posted at noon Seattle time (i.e. 20:00 here in the UK). So consider this a bit of homework! Once posted, you have 7 days to submit an answer. Once submitted, your script gets judged by the distinguished panel of judges based upon a set of judging criteria. You should read these criteria as they can affect the score your submissions receive.

To see all the links for the Games, visit here. This has pointers to how to register, details of the judges, and everything you need to know about the games. For each contest, you’ll also get a Guest Commentary from someone in the PowerShell community looing at how they would go about solving the problem. Speaking for myself, I look forward to reading both the scripts entered by the competitors AND to the guest commentaries. I am sure to learn something – it happens every year!!

So if you think you have good PowerShell skills, or if you just want to learn more – come on down, enter and enjoy the contest!

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ferry mok said...

I am a big fan of powershell games and I become really excited to see that you are going to launch it set of games. I have visited your links for games and it is really interesting.

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Will said...

I saw the post at 12am CST. Maybe they come on line earlier.