Wednesday, July 31, 2013

PowerShell PowerCamp 2013 Coming Soon!

I’m getting quite excited about the next PowerShell PowerCamp. This is being held at Microsoft’s London offices over the weekend of October 19/20 2013.

I’ve been working a lot recently with a number of the new PowerShell modules in Server 2012, specially to deploy and test DHCP. But there are so many aspects of Windows Server that you can now manage with PowerShell, it’s really time you learned how to unleash the potential of PowerShell.

I speak to a lot of really smart IT Pros, and there is a reluctance to learn PowerShell or to embrace it. I can understand that (especially from the perspective of the last two weeks of my ‘day job’ ). PowerShell can look like long convoluted text you have to type and it’s got no sense of humour. The ‘red ink syndrome’ as I call it.

PowerShell really is a lot easier, once you get over the learning curve. Really! But there is a need to shift gears a little. Command line admin seems tedious, but tab-completion really does help minimise the pain. Combine this with intellisense built into the ISE, then life really is a lot simpler.

The PowerCamp events are designed to take you from the start to as far as we can take you in 2 days. The feedback on previous camps has been great and I think it fair to say we’ve all learned a lot.

I also try to add some value to each event, and I am negotiating for a guest speaker on the Sunday! More to be revealed once he confirms! I’ll also be hitting up the various vendors to see what swag I can leverage.

So what are you waiting for? See the PowerShell PowerCamp blog posting and book today.

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