Friday, February 07, 2014

Lync and How It Integrates with other MS Apps

One of the big changes with Lync has been Microsoft’s approach of investing in a particular product for a particular function/feature and then have other products leverage that investment. This really makes sense on two levels. First, product groups are not each re-inventing the same wheel. Second, it really makes the ‘better together’ argument more real and less hype.

For example, with Lync 2013, all contact information is in a single Unified Contact Store which is maintained by Exchange 2013. The architecture for that looks like this:


Microsoft has just published an awesome set of posters that illustrate all the current sets of feature integration along with loads of links and more information. I find this a fantastic Lync resource (if only the Microsoft Learning courses were as well described!

You can download these posters (it’s a 9 page PDF) from Tags: ,,

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shadowruni said...

Can't disagree there...
It's like OneNote - Insanely powerful and useful... if you know it's there.