Sunday, December 07, 2014

Type Accelerators and TypePx

Last week, I updated some earlier scripts related to Type Accelerators over on my PshScripts blog – and I've had some great feedback. Kirk Munro (@Poshoholic on twitter and all around PowerShell superstar) pointed out there is a TypePX module he's published to GitHub.

As to be expected of anything Kirk touches, the TypePX module is rich and well implemented. His module is production ready – so you could easily copy it to your modules folder and start to use it. The TypePx functions are pipeline friendly and have good error handling. 

What I've published is much more simple and designed for a different audience. The whole idea of what I published, and indeed the whole point of my PshScripts blog, is to illustrate simple concepts, apis, etc in a simple script. In this case, the essence of type accelerators is wrapped up in a few lines of code. This is what I strive to publish in Pshscripts – showing you how to do one thning simply (per script!). What Kirk publishes is enterprise grade production scripting. I readily admit they are different – but I'd like to think there is room for both. One ofr learning with, one for using in production.

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