Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Passing the Azure 70-532 Exam

I just saw a neat post describing how to study for, and pass, the Azure 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure solutions. If you are planning on taking that exam, I suggest you see @shahedc's recent blog article: Lots of great advice! Tags: ,,


Anonymous said...

I find it's amusing, that hands-on experience with Azure and Visual Studio are in the end of the list. Makes you wonder...

Christina said...

Passed the 70-532 exam in new format last weekend!

Scored 86X/1000!

Got THREE Case Studies: Web-based Solution, Fabrikam (NEW Case Study) and so on.

Studing the code samples deeply, Azure documents of all.

Taking confidence with Powershell scripts for Azure.

Learning details on Azure storage Files, SAS, Access Policies, Various tiers of Azure SQL, VMs, Storages, Redis and their specifications, best practices of setting up SQL on VMs, VNET/Networking/IPs/Load BalacingApp Gateways/VPN setup/Express Routing concepts ... etc.

(ATTENTION PLEASE!!! The test format had been changed, you can't scroll through the questions. You have to complete each section at a time before you can move on to the next.)

Questions on this site MAY not enough for passing, NEW QUESTIONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE HERE!

I recommend you to learn the NEWEST PassLeader 70-532 dumps here:

Good Luck!!!