Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Please Buy This PowerShell Conference In A Book


A couple of months ago, M:Ike Robbins (the tech editor of my last PowerShell book (, sent me mail about a project that he and a few others were planning. The idea was to develop a PowerShell Conference in a book. Mike invited some of the big PowerShell community members to each contribute one chapter. The proceeds are intended to help the DevOps community. Any royalties are to go towards OnRamp Scholarships with the DevOps Collective. Of course I said yes.

Well – now that book is published to which I have contributed a chapter. You can read about the book and buy it here: The book has an impressive list of contributors and is pretty reasonably priced! Of course, if you are feeling generous, LearnPub is happy to enable you to pay more.

The On-Ram Scholarship is a great cause, bringing new people into the DevOps field. You can read about the scholarship here:

My chapter in the book is entitled ‘A Lap Around .NET’ in which I look at what is .NET and some of the things you can do with it.

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