Thursday, March 07, 2019

Setting up DHCP in Windows Server 2019

In my recently published book (Windows Server 2019 Automation with PowerShell), I included several recipes to show how to install DHCP, how to setup a scope, and how to setup DHCP load balancing and fail over. This blog post looks at the steps involved.

In this walk through, I assume you have two servers on which you wish to run DHCP. Many smaller organisations install DHCP on their DCs for simplicity – I’m assuming the two servers are DC1.Reskit.Org and DC2.Reskit.Org. You also need to determine what IP addresses to hand out (this sample uses the rante, the subnet mask (, and an IP address for the DHCP Server.

Hree are the steps:

1. Install DHCP Service on DC1, DC2

# Create a script block
$SB1 = {
  # Install the service
  Install-WindowsFeature -Name DHCP -IncludeManagementTools
  # Add the DHCP server's security groups
  # Let DHCP know it's all configured
  $RegHT = @{
    Path  = 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ServerManager\Roles\12'
    Name  = 'ConfigurationState'
    Value = 2  }
  Set-ItemProperty @RegHT
# Run the script block on DC1, DC2
Invoke-Command –Computer DC1 –ScriptBlock $SB1
Invoke-Command –Computer DC2 –ScriptBlock $SB1
# Authorise the DHCP server in AD
Add-DhcpServerInDC -DnsName DC1.Reskit.Org
Add-DhcpServerInDC -DnsName DC2.Reskit.Org
# Restart the DHCP Service on DC1, DC2
$SB2 = {
  Restart-Service -Name DHCPServer –Force
Invoke-Command –Computer DC1 –ScriptBlock $SB2
Invoke-Command –Computer DC2 –ScriptBlock $SB2

2. Create a DHCP Scope

# Add new DHCP Scope to DC1
$SHT = @{
  Name = 'Reskit'
  StartRange   = ''
  EndRange     = ''
  SubnetMask   = ''
  ComputerName = 'DC1.Reskit.Org'
Add-DhcpServerV4Scope @SHT

3. Configure DHCP Server Options

# Set DHCP V4 Server Option Values
$OHT = @{
  ComputerName = 'DC1.Reskit.Org'
  DnsDomain    = 'Reskit.Org'
  DnsServer    = ''
Set-DhcpServerV4OptionValue @OHT

4. Configure Fail Over/Load Balancing between DC1 and DC2

$FHT = @{
  ComputerName       = 'DC1.Reskit.Org'
  PartnerServer      = 'DC2.Reskit.Org'
  Name               = 'DC1-DC2'
  ScopeID            = ''
  LoadBalancePercent = 60
  SharedSecret       = 'j3RryIsG0d!'
  Force              = $true
Add-DhcpServerv4Failover @FHT

After you complete these two steps, both DC1 and DC2 are able to satisfy DHCP configuration requests on the 10.10.10/0 subnet, can provide some options to DHCP clients along with offered IP address and the subnet mask, and is in a fail over/load balancing relationship.

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