Saturday, December 19, 2020

My Latest PowerShell Book - Copies Available


After a long development process, my latest PowerShell book has been published by Wiley

This book began before the Covid pandemic began and progress as a result of the virus was a lot slower than I would have liked, but thanks to some great people we got it done and this week I got my review copies.

As I announced on my Twitter (@DoctorDNS) feed, I have some copies of this book to give away. I am more than happy sign and send off copies of the physical book. I also want to find some reviewers and can provide them with an electronic copy for review if you contact me offline. 

I love the PowerShell community and nothing would please me more than to give a copy to anyone who asks. But that is not possible. So I am happy to give away some free copies, but to make it a bit more interesting, there is a little catch! :-)

 I will give away five signed copies of the physical book to the first FIVE people who ask and who donate to the Epilepsy Society ( My daughter has severe epilepsy and I support this charity. So to get a copy, confirm a donation and EMAIL me. My email addresses DoctorDNS@Gmail.Com.

Owing to Covid restrictions announced today in the UK, physical copies may be delayed until I can get out to the Post Office. 

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