Thursday, February 02, 2023

My Latest (last?) PowerShell Book is published!

This week I got the news that my latest PowerShell book has been published and is available for order:

You can order it today from all the usual places, including

This book updates earlier editions and covers, specifically, PowerShell 7.2 (as an LTS release) and Windows Server 2022. It should also be useful if you are using PowerShell 7 on earlier versions of Windows Server too. 

Here is the table of contents:
  1. Installing and Configuring PowerShell 7
  2. Managing PowerShell 7 in the Enterprise
  3. Exploring .NET
  4. Managing Active Directory
  5. Managing Networking
  6. Implementing Enterprise Security
  7. Managing Storage
  8. Managing Shared Data
  9. Managing Printing
  10. Exploring Windows Containers
  11. Managing Hyper-V
  12. Debugging and Troubleshooting Windows Server
  13. Managing Window Server with Window Management Instrumentation (WMI)
  14. Managing Windows Update Services

An addition is a chapter on WSUS. The WSUS module is one of the three modules you can not use within PowerShell 7. You can not load the module natively within a PowerShell 7 since the .NET APIs that the module relies on are unavailable (in .Net) Additionally, the normal Windows PowerShell compatibility mechanism does not work with this module because the WSUS module is based on methods and not actual cmdlets. With WSUS, you instantiate the WSUS server instance of the server you wish to manage, then use that object's methods. With the compatibility solution, you do not have access to the methods. 

There IS a way around this - you can create a remoting session to a Windows PowerShell endpoint and do all the work within that session. It is a bit more work: you create the remoting session, create script blocks that perform WSUS management activities, then execute those script blocks within the session.

My publisher is looking for potential reviewers - you get a copy in exchange for writing a review. Contact me if you are interested.

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