Thursday, July 17, 2003

Demon and Payments

It's nice to see Demon are living up to their clueful reputation again (or is that still). Years ago, I had a Demon business account. It lasted for a year then itw was moved. For some reason, they think I still owe them £57.95. They've never invoiced for that amount, and have never explained the charge. Oddly, I still have a Demon account and pay for it regularly.

We've been trying to tell them that for a couple of years. Each time we do, we get a 'we will sort this out'. For a while the statements stop, but then they re-appear. We keep ignoring them. However, now they've called in the credit folks, in the shape of 1st Credit. They don't have a web site, but their address is Bancroft Road, Reigate Surrey, RH2 7RP.

Anyway-talking to the folks at 1st Credit this morning, all I got was waffle. They and I have no idea of what is what or why this amount is owed. I'm almost looking forward to this going to court! Although this is unlikely - even Demon wouldn't be so silly as to take someone to court for something they do not owe! Or would they?