Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Things that impress me

I get a daily email newsletter, Paul Thurrot's WinInfo Daily Update. At one time, this newsletter was something he did off his own bat, but then he joined Windows 200 Magazine, as it was then, and now writes the newsletter as part of Windows &.NET Magazine's. It's not a bad newsletter, although I don't always agree with his take on things.

Like for example, his report in his 11th July Short Takes edition, when he reported Microsoft's donation to Iraqi war relief. He writes: Microsoft--or, as I like to think of it, "The Great Philanthropist"--announced this week that it's donating $150,000 toward the Iraqi relief effort. Microsoft presented the gift, which will support the Iraqi people and alleviate the humanitarian suffering they endure in the aftermath of the recent war, to the UAE Red Crescent, which is analogous to the American Red Cross. "We greatly appreciate the kindness and generosity shown by Microsoft," a UAE Red Crescent representative said. "The donation will be used to increase the level of medicines and medical aid, as well as ensuring the delivery of food parcels to families throughout various locations in Iraq. Don't break the bank, Microsoft. "

Thinking about the value of this cash donation - I was impressed. It was one of those things that Microsoft really did not have to do. It's a very generous gift. Paul's reporting up till the last sentence was nice. Then had to go ruin it. :-( One wonders how much Paul's donated to help to rebuild Iraq? Microsoft's kind donation was something that impressed me. Paul's somewhat mean-spirited reporting didn't. No matter you look at it, the last sentence of this report really was uncalled for.