Sunday, September 07, 2003

Keeping Up

I had an interesting mail from an old friend today. She asked me how I keep up. We've been communicating off and on for years after meeting many years ago on a training course. We run into each other now an then - and it's nice to say hi. So Hi - you know who you are!

The question of keeping up is a good one. At one time, I relied mainly on network news (NNTP) and mail. Increasingly, I'm relying on online content. Since May, I've been playing with both blogging software and RSS readers (the intenet was to read and consume via RSS). I can see the arguments for RSS, and Feed Demon is a cool tool. I've also started using Google News Alerts. Email is, increasingly, just a vechicle for spam. And I'm tired of it. I was away for a week and must have had 1000 spams. Even with filtering kicking out about 40% of the mails received! Jeesh. I am finding RSS aggregators as a better way of looking at things, but it needs RSS feeds. I'd love, for example, to get google searches via RSS. But this is a topic for another day.

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