Friday, September 12, 2003

Yet more patches?

Another Windows patch!

Just when you thought it was safe, along comes another patch (and associated holes in Windows). :-(( Or as Mary Jo Folley puts it: Another Wednesday, another Windows security patch.

Do you need to deploy this patch? Well, there are actually 3 holes that are fixed (actually this should probably read as 're-fixed'). MS have marked this as critical so I guess the answer is yes: you do need to deploy this patch.

At TechEd in June, Scott Charney said some things that I sure hope he (and Microsoft) delivers on! He said "When I came to Microsoft...customers said to me that patch management was their biggest concern. So I started looking at it, and what I realised was that patch management was broken"

Patch Management was broken in June, and it's still broken Scott. :-(((

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