Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Dell Ditch India - and not before time

According to Dell is cancelling their Indian tech support. I've recently had the misfortune to have had to make 2 calls to this center and they were both awful. My trusty laptop (a Dell Latitude) had it's hard disk begin to go. I needed an urgent replacement as I was using the laptop to present sessions at IT Fourm.

Both techs I talked to were cheerful, but the responses bore no relationship to my questions. They had a script and totally had to follow it - any deviation was met with a refusal to go further. It took forever, and in the end, they were unable to help in time - so I go another hard drive from another source and made do with that. Next week, when I settle down a bit, I'll call again and get the disk replaced. See for full details of this story

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