Thursday, November 27, 2003

Windows SharePoint Services - Installation is Interesting

We all goof - and I'm not alone in being guilty of it. But the issue highlighted in KB article 833019 is beyond a goof. And the complications it can generate in some installations are a worry!

The problem occurs if you install Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (STS as it used to be called), which from 3 days ago, fails with a fairly obscure error message. You also get this problem if you try to provision a new virtual server or you try to create a new content database when you are running Windows SharePoint Services by using MSDE (the KB appears to be inaccurate on this point).

The error is caused by a bug in the code that verifies the signatures of DLLS installed with SPS. All installations of Windows SharePoint Services experience this behavior after November 24, 2003. And guess which product installs this component by default? Small Business Server. Ouch!

Problems hapen. But the workaround is interesting: Set the date in the Date and Time Properties dialog box to a date that is between May 24, 2002 and November 23, 2003. That's right, lie to the OS. Trustworthy computing, maybe not, but it works. OH, be careful to not set it too far adrift, or you might trigger product activation.

My view of WPA is further diminished.

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